Zhejiang Huacai Advanced Material CO., LTD established in 1998, covers an area of 30 thousand square meters, is a famous China RAL 9005/7035/9016 powder coating manufacturers and RAL 9005/7035/9016 powder coating suppliers, we has mainly engaged in powder coating products production ,marketing and development, Company has 34 Semi-automatic production lines and ZEPPELIN bonding machine from Germany, production of 30 thousand tones within a year. In 2016,we established Guangdong Huacai Powder Technology CO., LTD in Gongwan City,which mainly serves high and new tech enterprises. We're top ten manufacturer that produce powder coating in China. we has own raw material production center and powder coating research and development center, we has sound quality assurance system, advanced detection equipment and strict quality management system, Our products are in line with international standards, and our RAL 9005/7035/9016 powder coating are mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South America and other destinations around the world. We use the RAL color(most popular Central European color standard) for powder coating. Our main Ral color include classic color such as RAL 9016(Traffic white), RAL 7035(Light grey), RAL 9005(Jet black) and colorful color such as RAL 5012(Light blue), RAL 3020(Traffic red). Also accept custom RAL color. Here for Custom RAL color for powder coating.

Industry knowledge

What are the colors of RAL 9005/7035/9016? What are their differences and characteristics?

RAL 9005:
Color: RAL 9005 is commonly known as "Jet Black." It is a deep and intense black color.
Characteristics: This color is widely used for its bold and elegant appearance. It provides a timeless and classic look to various products and surfaces. RAL 9005 is often used in applications where a striking contrast or a sleek finish is desired.
RAL 7035:
Color: RAL 7035 is referred to as "Light Grey." It is a light shade of grey with a neutral tone.
Characteristics: The light grey color offers a clean and modern appearance. It is often chosen for its ability to reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness. RAL 7035 is commonly used in environments where a subdued and professional look is preferred, such as office spaces, electronic enclosures, and industrial equipment.
RAL 9016:
Color: RAL 9016 is known as "Traffic White." It is a bright and pure white color.
Characteristics: Traffic White is a versatile color that is widely used for its clean and neutral appearance. It reflects light well and helps create a sense of brightness and openness in various settings. RAL 9016 is popular in architectural applications, interior design, appliances, and automotive finishes.
Differences and Applications:
The primary difference among these colors lies in their hue and lightness. RAL 9005 is a deep black, RAL 7035 is a light grey, and RAL 9016 is a bright white.
RAL 9005 (Jet Black) is often chosen for applications where a bold, dark contrast is needed or where a luxurious and high-end appearance is desired.
RAL 7035 (Light Grey) is selected for applications where a modern and professional look is preferred, especially in settings where visibility and light reflection are important.
RAL 9016 (Traffic White) is favored for applications that require a clean and bright finish, making it suitable for various design styles and creating an open atmosphere.

In which industries or fields are RAL 9005/7035/9016 powder coatings most common?

RAL 9005 (Jet Black):
Automotive Industry: RAL 9005 is often used in the automotive sector for parts like wheels, bumpers, grilles, and trim. Its deep black color adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to vehicles.
Architecture and Construction: In the construction industry, RAL 9005 is employed for metal fixtures, railings, and outdoor structures. Its striking black appearance creates a sleek and modern look.
Furniture and Home Decor: RAL 9005 powder coating is used for metal furniture frames, light fixtures, and decorative elements in interior design to add a stylish and contemporary touch.
RAL 7035 (Light Grey):
Electronics and Enclosures: RAL 7035 is a popular choice for powder coating electronics enclosures, server racks, control panels, and other equipment in the electronics industry. Its light grey color complements the professional appearance of these items.
Office Furniture: Light grey powder-coated office furniture like desks, cabinets, and shelving systems are commonly used in commercial settings due to their clean and modern look.
Industrial Equipment: RAL 7035 is applied to various industrial machinery and equipment, providing a neutral and visually pleasing surface that suits many manufacturing environments.
RAL 9016 (Traffic White):
Architecture and Interiors: RAL 9016 is widely used for architectural components like doors, windows, and facades. It offers a clean and timeless appearance to buildings.
Appliances: Household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens, often feature RAL 9016 powder coating due to its bright and pristine appearance.
Automotive Components: Some automotive components, especially those requiring a clean and bright finish, may be coated with RAL 9016.