What are the advantages of powder coatings over traditional coatings?

Update:24 Aug,2022
The advantages of powder coating are many.

First of all, the painting is convenient, and there is no peculiar smell when it is applied to the wall like other paints, and it is not easy to dry. cause damage or cause related diseases.

Secondly, electrostatic paint can be recycled, is a recyclable material, and will not be wasted. It saves the country's resources and can improve the degree of environmental pollution. It is the most green and environmentally friendly new paint.

Compared with powder coatings, everyone likes green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless coatings very much. It can enrich our society without causing any harm to our environment. Environmentally friendly powder coating has entered our big green family with its characteristics, so that it can develop more rapidly.

Because powder coatings are applied in an advanced method, all types of coatings provide a durable, uniform and attractive finish. For decoration and protection of all coatings, coatings of different formulations can provide additional protection against UV rays, corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. The coating has become the coating of choice for consumer products such as bicycles, lawn and office furniture, kitchen appliances and automobiles.

For powder coating, it is actually a kind of coating. It is used on the exterior of some ships and pipes, where a layer of powder coating is applied to prevent corrosion. We know that when the ship is sailing at sea, it is easy to corrode the metal hull in direct contact with the seawater, so at this time you need to coat the surface with a stable coating that isolates seawater, and the chemical properties of powder coatings are very stable, so the performance in this regard is also very outstanding.