The storage and use of powder coatings are strictly required

Update:17 Nov,2022
The storage of electrostatic powder is particularly important, so powder coatings must be kept away from fire sources and direct sunlight in terms of storage location, and should be placed in a well-ventilated place with a temperature below 35 degrees; electrostatic powder should not be stored in places that are susceptible to water, Places polluted by organic solvents, oils and other materials; after use, the environmentally friendly powder coatings should not be exposed to the air at will, and the bag should be covered or tightly closed at any time to avoid mixing in sundries; avoid skin contact, for powder coatings attached to the skin surface, You and I need to use soapy water to clean, do not use organic solvents to remove; the safety of the coating construction site, the equipment used in the coating operation must be well grounded to eliminate static electricity, to avoid unprovoked discharge of the coating machine; in the electrostatic powder spraying room, floating The concentration of dust should be controlled below the safe concentration as far as possible to avoid the danger of dust ignition and explosion.

The resin content of normal thermosetting powder coatings should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan/KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan. Some bad powder factories use less than 45% resin content to shoddy , increase the filling material to reduce the cost and reduce the spraying area. Comparison method: two same powders spray the same product, see which one has more powder sprayed products, which one has less sprayed products, and the one with less sprayed products is poor, and the cost of use High. For the manufacturer, the spraying area is small, and the cost of use is high. Calculated on the basis of 6 square meters per kilogram of powder spraying, each less spraying of one square meter is equivalent to an extra payment of 3-6 yuan per kilogram of powder for the manufacturer. It is recommended to use the manufacturer Use genuine powder and carefully calculate your actual cost of use.

Powder coating spraying is very strict, but some problems will inevitably occur when using electrostatic spray powder, as long as the strict operation is not sloppy, the problems will be reduced. When using powder spraying equipment, it is necessary to follow the standard operation, and the correct use of equipment is also a way to improve quality.

Powder electrostatic spraying not only improves the quality of electrostatic spraying powder, but also the correct use of electrostatic powder spraying devices. Operating standard for powder electrostatic spraying. Look at some of the blemishes of spray powder caused by mishandling. There are three main defects after completion. One is that it looks uneven in thickness, uneven in color, and rough in surface. Another thing is to apply it too thickly, which makes the inner layer not easy to dry and crusts will appear. The last point is that after the electrostatic powder is not finished, the coating is too thin and does not reach the required thickness.