Research on Application of Low Temperature Curing Powder Coatings on Aluminum Wheels

Update:12 Nov,2021

In order to verify the feasibility of applying low-temperature powder on aluminum wheels, this paper selects low-temperature curing powder coatings and ordinary powder coatings as a comparison. First, analyze the low-temperature curing completion mechanism of low-temperature powders; second, test the baking of two powders Characteristics, the baking curve was drawn; the third pair of sprayed wheels stopped the mechanical performance test (yield strength and reliability test) and paint film test (adhesion, gravel impact, water resistance, salt spray test and weighing block paste test) ; Finally, analyze and evaluate the application and promotion of low temperature process in aluminum wheel production.


Powder coating is a rapidly developing category in the entire coating technology. Because its VOC emission is almost zero, the current background of environmental protection and green development has increasingly driven its rapid development. Powder coatings have already begun to be used on automobile wheels. Its environmentally friendly construction and excellent coating properties have prompted its rapid development in the auto parts industry in recent years.

However, the curing conditions of ordinary powder coatings are mostly around 180℃, and some even as high as 200℃, and the time is about 25min. There are defects of high baking temperature and long time, which lead to high energy consumption in practical applications and excessive curing. Temperature can also cause parts to become brittle. Automobile wheels are the main load-bearing parts of automobiles. Not only are they required to have sufficient mechanical strength, but also sufficient toughness is required to ensure impact resistance. Lowering the curing temperature of the powder coating can increase the toughness of the wheel hub, reduce the energy consumption of the enterprise, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


At present, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly low-temperature curing powders have been used in large quantities in the field of household appliances, which effectively reduces energy consumption. However, the traditional low-temperature curing powders used have poor leveling properties, and the coating of aluminum wheels has more requirements for leveling and appearance. Therefore, it is impossible to spray on aluminum wheels. Therefore, in the automotive aluminum wheel industry, low-temperature curing powder has not been used in large quantities. Therefore, if the aluminum wheel industry can use low-temperature curing powder, there will be a lot of room for improvement in energy conservation and environmental protection.