Reasons why powder coatings can be widely used in the coating industry

Update:31 Oct,2022
Powder coatings are non-toxic, non-solvent and non-volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no three wastes discharge and other public nuisances are in line with the requirements of the national environmental protection law. The material utilization rate is high, and the oversprayed powder can be recycled with a utilization rate of more than 99%. After the pre-treatment of the coating material, one-time construction without primer can obtain a coating film of sufficient thickness, which is easy to realize automatic operation, has high production efficiency, and can reduce costs. The dense layer has good impact strength and toughness, high corner coverage, excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Safe and convenient storage and transportation of paint.

The coating principle of each type of process is the same as the cold coating process with the exception of the spray glue cold coating method, which is to spray (brush) glue on the parts of the coated workpiece that need to be coated with powder, and then spray powder for hot melting. leveling film. In short, no matter what method is used, as long as the powder coating can be uniformly coated on the surface of the coated workpiece, and then heated, melted and leveled to form a film, this process method is classified as a powder coating process. If the workpiece needs to be preheated to melt the powder coating, it is within the scope of the thermal coating process. The workpiece can be powder coated at room temperature, and then the process of hot melt leveling film formation belongs to the scope of cold coating process. The most widely used cold coating process is mainly powder electrostatic spraying process.
The electrostatic spraying equipment can get a thick film in one spray, without repeated spraying or primer. It is faster and more efficient than the same film thickness. No standstill time is required in the coating equipment, which saves equipment space. As long as the powder coating is directly sprayed on the surface of the pre-treated MDF sheet and baked, the surface of the coating film with performance can be obtained. General powder coatings have long-lasting properties of the coating film, including abrasion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. In addition to the above advantages, powder coatings for outdoor use also include high weather resistance and pollution resistance.