Reasons why epoxy powder coatings are easy to store

Update:23 Jul,2020

The development of epoxy powder coatings should meet environmental protection requirements. Solvent-free coatings and water-based coatings are the development trend of coatings. At present, epoxy resin can already meet the needs of modern development. As for the reasons why the product is easy to keep, I will briefly introduce you below.


In addition to the advantages of ordinary powder coatings, epoxy resin also has the following characteristics: no by-products in the curing process, smooth appearance, good adhesion to metal substrates, scratch resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties. These advantages are easy to store.

Due to the high specific surface area of nanoparticles, their surface atoms are highly unsaturated. When the polar group forming force of the epoxy resin is large, the nanoparticles form an ideal interface with a unique toughening effect without reducing the replacement temperature. Not flammable. The main flame retardant substances of group V are N, P, AS, Sb, Bi, Sr, I, Al, Mg, CA, Zr, Sn, Mo and other elements in the periodic table phosphorus, chlorine, bromine, boron, magnesium and Aluminum is a commonly used flame retardant.