Powder coating replaces liquid paint into the mainstream

Update:14 Nov,2020

The application field of powder coating and coating technology is expanding day by day. According to reports, due to the huge environmental pressure, powder coatings continue to replace liquid paints have become the mainstream today. With the improvement of powder coatings and coating technology, the application field of powder coatings will be greater.
   The improvement of powder coating and coating technology is mainly due to the increase in demand from the automotive industry, home appliance industry and general industrial fields, including the development and improvement of raw materials, powder making and coating technology. The application of powder coating in the automotive industry continues to expand, and automobile chassis, interior parts, wheels and bodywork have all begun to use powder coating. Technical improvements of powder coatings for automobiles include: transparency, adhesion, leveling and UV resistance of transparent powders: reducing the curing temperature as much as possible while ensuring the appearance and performance of powder coatings; and various coating technologies ( Such as robotics, air flow control technology and high powder rate technology) and so on.
According to reports, the application of pre-coated metal plates (coils) coated with powder coatings in the household appliance industry is growing rapidly, requiring powder coatings to complete the entire process of melting, flow, leveling and curing within 25-60s, while maintaining a good coating film Appearance and various resistances. Powder coatings for household appliances must have a certain degree of post-moldability, and the degree of molding depends on the end use. The coated sheets should be able to be stacked together. The line speed of thin film coating for ordinary metal sheets should reach 30-80 fpm, and the line speed of coil coating should reach 100 fpm. In addition, the airflow control (or reduction), powder loading rate or charge transfer rate should be controlled in the best state.
The improvement of the appearance of the cured coating film at a high coating speed is the main direction of the improvement of the home appliance powder coating technology. It involves the matching of infrared wavelength/light intensity with the coating and substrate, fast leveling convection heating and induction Heating curing method, curing procedure with good surface continuity of powder coating film, and cleanliness of the entire curing system.
The development of the automobile industry and the home appliance industry has promoted the development of special powder coating systems and coating technologies. The application of special powder coatings suitable for different processes in general industrial coatings has been growing, and it has gradually entered areas that were previously difficult to enter (because Too much color requirements, too fast coating speed, serious paint bleeding, too much coating, etc.). In the general industrial coatings market, powder coatings have become another bright spot because they can provide various batches of products to meet the needs of many small customers. Global Coatings Network understands that the continuous increase of powder coating equipment suppliers and raw material suppliers has also prompted many regional paint suppliers to add powder coating production lines. At the same time, mature European markets continue to have new powder coating raw materials and coatings. The equipment is available. In short, the increase in the number of suppliers is most beneficial to small and medium-sized powder users. They can obtain raw materials with stable prices and the products are more practical. However, the development of major powder customers often benefits only a few specific suppliers, making them more relevant to powder coatings, coating processes, and end users.