Methods and precautions for powder coating transportation and storage

Update:24 Nov,2022
With the improvement of living standards, people's awareness of green environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. Powder coatings have achieved rapid development with their efficient, environmentally friendly and economic advantages.
Powder coatings are required to be stored in environments below 30 ° C, ventilation, drying, and cleaning. They must not be close to fire sources and heating, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent rain or sun exposure during product transportation.
The humid environment and high temperature, powder coatings are prone to lump during manufacturing, storage, transportation, and use, causing the phenomenon of guns and empty guns during the spraying process of the powder, which seriously affects the spraying rate and coating film and coating film. Surface roughness. So how to store powder coatings?
If conditions permit, it is recommended that the powder coating should be stored under the following conditions: the environmental temperature ≤30 ° C, the relative humidity of the air ≤60%(some special coatings may have more stringent requirements, if some transparent powder requires the environmental temperature below 25 ° C).
If the storage warehouse does not have equipment conditions for controlling temperature and humidity, the powder coatings should be placed in a cool and ventilated warehouse to avoid high temperature and high humidity environment such as direct sunlight and away from fire source.
The particle size of powder coatings has a direct impact on storage stability.
Considering the production cost, storage stability, coating smoothness, and spraying rate of powder in comprehensive consideration, ordinary plane powder coating particles are the best in the following range:
The particle size within 10 μm accounts for less than 10%, 45%~ 50%within 40 μm, and more than 90%within 80 μm.
Powder coatings with special effects can be appropriately adjusted and controlled.

When grinding and screening of powder coatings, a certain amount of loose agent can be added appropriately to reduce the rest angle of the powder coatings, so that the powder is not easy to settle in the storage procedure.
After adding, adjust the affinity and cohesion between the formation of the formation of the powder coating, which can improve the anti -nodule temperature of the powder coatings, improve the stability of the powder coating storage, and improve the dried powder flow performance.
In addition, when spraying static powder, adding loose agents can make the powder coatings not easily block the spray gun and avoid the phenomenon of reunion and sticking walls.
When producing powder coatings, the sieving powder has a certain amount of frictional heat, and it is not advisable to pack it immediately. It is recommended to spread the powder coating to cool down before packing.
Pay attention to avoid storage of places with pollution of water, organic solvent, oil and other materials.
Do not expose the air in the air at will after the powder coatings are used at any time.
Under the premise that other performances have little effect on the coating film, the use of resin with higher glass -based temperature is conducive to improving the storage stability of powder coatings.