Is it better to use plastic powder or paint?

Update:05 Jul,2022
The industry also needs to use a variety of coatings. Plastic powder may not be as familiar as paint, so when newcomers choose coatings, is plastic powder better? Or paint?

Difference one:
They are two different crafts.

The effect of spraying is good, the cost is low, the color is correct, and it is beautiful.

The paint is expensive and the effect is average. Only polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint can have better effect.

The doors and windows are generally used in a relatively low corrosive environment, and the sealing performance of the plastic is sufficient.

Paints are used in highly corrosive environments.

The final sprayed product coating is difficult to repair after damage, while painting is easier.

Plastic powder is the material of the plastic spraying process. In short, the plastic powder is sprayed onto the surface of the material by the wind given by the compressed air after being heated at a high temperature.

Paint is a two-component or single-component liquid sprayed onto the surface of the material by pressure.

Difference two:
1: Environmental protection. From the perspective of environmental protection, water-based paint has natural advantages over oil-based paint (solvent-based wood paint). In theory, the lower the VOC content, the higher the environmental protection, but the low VOC content has an impact on the abrasion resistance, hardness and scratch resistance of oil-based paints. The above indicators have always been problems that water-based paints need to overcome technically. . How to achieve both environmental protection and high quality is the focus of technical research for major coating manufacturers.

2: Cost-effective. Water-based paints have relatively high technical requirements in terms of drying time, hardness, plumpness, etc. The manufacturing process is relatively complex, and large-scale production equipment is required to produce products with relatively stable performance, and the production cost is relatively high. This is also the reason why the price of water-based paint of the same grade is much higher than that of oil-based paint. It is understood that among the mid-end products on the market, oil-based paint is about 200 yuan per group, including curing agent, thinner and paint, and weighs about 5 kg in total; water-based paint is about 400 yuan per barrel, 18 liters per barrel.

The above is about the difference between plastic powder and paint. Because plastic powder has the advantages of economical environmental protection, low pollution, low price, etc., it is becoming more and more popular in the market. Depends on your own thoughts.