What to do if there are particle lumps on the surface of the coating film of low-temperature curing powder coatings

Update:29 Oct,2021

Due to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly coatings in the market, low-temperature curing powder coatings have once become a hot product in the coatings market. The powder coating is easier to apply than liquid coatings, and the coating film formed is more durable. However, we often encounter signs of particle lumps on the surface of the coating film during construction. Why is it hot? What should I do?

1. The surface of the painted workpiece is not clean
2. Uneven powder supply and poor atomization of the spray gun.
3. The low-temperature curing powder coating is too fine or the powder is damp and agglomerates, causing powder to accumulate in the spray gun.
4. The painting site is not clean or there is powder dripping in the spray chamber.
5. The purchased powder or the powder itself is of poor quality.

Handling method:
1. Improve the quality of the workpiece substrate and strengthen the previous punishment.
2. Adjust the atmospheric pressure, check the deflector, and adjust it to a suitable point.
3. Control the dispersion of powder size, keep the low temperature solidified powder properly, and beware of moisture.
4. Liquidation site, purify the atmosphere.
5. After the purchased powder is sieved, the new powder is mixed and used, and the qualified powder is changed.

Through the introduction in the article, it is found that there are many reasons for the signs of particle lumps on the surface of the coating film of the low-temperature curing powder. Therefore, when we encounter this kind of problem, we can first conduct an investigation based on the above-mentioned reasons, and then select the appropriate treatment Ways to hold sanctions.