What should I do when the plastic powder occurs?

Update:17 Sep,2021

The use of plastic powder is relatively much in the construction industry. Maybe we are not very inquired, but mentioned spray, it should be clear, it is one of the sprayed crafts, when we use plastic powder If you encounter it, what should we do? We should first find the reason, and then learn the skills to find it.


The plastic powder is a material of the spray process. It is simple, ie the plastic powder is heated by high temperature heating through the wind sprayed by the compressed air to the material surface. That is to say, the plastic powder is a powder coating. The color is rich. Plastic powder is a thermosetting powder coating for electrostatic spraying. The phenolic resin is also called electric wood, also known as electric wood powder. Original is colorless or yellow-brown tomb, market trafficking often adds a color, yellow, black, green, brown, blue, blue, etc., has particles, powdered. Weak Acid and anestaline, inhalation of strong acids, erosion in strong alkali. Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol.



Applicable limit: Hardware industry, automotive and parts, anti-corrosion pipeline use, building materials industry, action equipment.


Composition ingredients: Pretrance is not perfect, and there is oil in surface, or the water is washed with water and form a shrinkage hole formed by water washing. The oil and water content used in the compressed air used in the plastic powder electrostatic spray, which is tarnished to the plastic powder. In the process of spraying, there is a solvent such as volatile silicone oil around it. The oil-shaped oil was blown into the plastic powder formed by the air conditioner.


Handling skills: progressive plastic powder prevention temperature, plus pretty points, or tampering out the hanging skills, tampering the spray point of the nozzle, to kill the clean and clean, tidy, more suitable, more effective degreased agent, due to each The degreaser has a relatively type of workpiece. Control the concentration and share of the predipinum tank, the degreasing tank, reduce the amount of workpiece oil and the benefit of the water washing, so that the surface phosphating film is perfect.