What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing powder coatings?

Update:10 Mar,2021

1. Appearance recognition method:
1. Hand feeling The hand feeling is smooth, loose and floating like silk. The hand feels rough, heavy, heavy. Grab a handful of powder in your hand, the smoother the powder will be, and the quality will be better. On the contrary, the powder will feel rough and feel heavy and the quality will be poor. It is not easy to spray, and there is a lot of secondary powder falling, and the waste is large.
2. Volume The larger the volume, the less filler in the powder coating and the higher the cost. The better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filler in the powder coating, and the lower the cost. The poorer the powder quality. For the same carton, if the size of the fan is large, it is a good fan, and the size of the household is small, it is a poor fan. It is not easy to spray, there are many secondary powder falling, large waste, small spraying area, and high use cost.
3. Storage time Good powder can be stored for a long time, and the powder leveling and other effects remain unchanged. Poor powder cannot be stored for a long time. Poor powder will have poor leveling and other effects after 3 months. The shelf life of normal powder is 12 months at room temperature, and the quality of products using low-end raw materials is unstable and easily deteriorated. Using poor raw materials to produce powder, the sprayed surface will accelerate pulverization and aging after half a year. Affect customer reputation. In addition, the powder is not easy to store, which causes a large waste of powder to customers and high fees.

2. The job identification method of spraying personnel:
Powder loading rate, good working efficiency, powder is easy to spray, spraying 1-3 guns can cover the substrate, the secondary recovery of powder is less, and the working efficiency is high. Poor powder is not easy to powder, spray 3-5 guns to cover the substrate, the secondary recovery of powder is too much, the work efficiency is low. Operators can determine whether there is too much powder falling by spraying powder rate. Less products are produced in the same time, and there are more secondary recycled powders, which increases the burden on operators and lowers work efficiency.

3. Baking identification method:
Is there any smoke produced? Good powder does not produce a large amount of smoke during the baking process. Poor powder produces a lot of smoke during the baking process. Good powder raw materials do not produce a large amount of smoke, and some manufacturers fill good materials with inferior raw materials. The amount of powder will increase, and the square number will not be sprayed, which will increase the cost of use, and the same amount of powder will produce less products.

4. Environmental protection identification method:
The powder materials tested by SGS environmental protection are all produced by large factories, and environmental protection is guaranteed. Poor materials and adding recycled powder, there is no way to ensure that the environmental protection does not exceed the standard for a long time. Environmental protection SGS testing Exceeding environmental protection standards has caused large economic losses to some export companies.