What is the significance of the application of powder coatings

Update:11 Jan,2020

The powder coating does not contain any solvents or volatile toxic substances, and fully meets the requirements of environmental protection law. Has good adhesion, good impact strength and toughness, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation properties.

The powder resin is crosslinked with the functional group of the curing agent. In order to make the film smooth and continuous, the polymer must be flattened into a continuous flat film before curing. The powder formulation is altered to find a balance between softening temperature and melt viscosity or melt properties and crosslinking speed. Similar to solvent-based coatings, thermoset powder coatings are formulated to produce high-gloss and low-gloss decorative coatings.

The manufacturing process of powder coatings is mainly composed of special colorants, curing agents, special resins and other additives mixed in corresponding proportions, followed by pulverization, screening, hot extrusion and other processes. After electrostatic spraying, friction spraying or fluidized bed dip coating, it is heated, baked, melted and solidified to form a smooth and bright film, thereby achieving the purpose of decorative corrosion.

Pay attention to avoid long-term contact between the powder coating and the skin. During the construction process, the concentration of floating dust should be controlled below the safe concentration threshold to prevent fire and explosion, and keep away from fire sources and direct sunlight.