What is the difference between plastic powder and paint?

Update:27 Jun,2022
Both plastic powder and paint are commonly used processing materials in various surface processing processes. Among them, paint is more traditional and used more, and we are more familiar with it. As a relatively novel processing material, plastic powder actually has a lot of advantages. The advantages of the two materials, the following will introduce some of the differences between the two materials.

1. The paint is expensive and the effect is average. Only polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint can have better effect. The doors and windows are generally used in a relatively low corrosive environment, and the sealing performance of the plastic is sufficient. Paints are used in highly corrosive environments. The final sprayed product coating is difficult to repair after damage, while painting is easier.

2. The effect of plastic powder spraying is good, the cost is low, the color is positive, and it is beautiful. Used in chemical pools, petroleum pipelines, drinking water pipelines and valve bodies, household items, electroplating fixtures, etc.;

Decorative protective coating is used for shells and parts of household appliances, metal furniture, automobiles, instruments, bicycles, sewing machines, electromechanical equipment, light industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, construction hardware and other products;

Insulation and moisture-proof coating is applied to transformers, iron cores, coils, resistors, batteries, etc. of motors, electrical appliances, electronic components and other products.