What is the classification of powder coatings

Update:01 Nov,2019

The prosperity of the home improvement industry has led to the rapid development of the home improvement materials industry. Traditional decorative materials can not meet the needs of people's home improvement, so there are many new materials, powder coating is one of them. What is powder coating? Many people are not very clear, only know that it is a coating, specific

Although powder coating is a kind of coating, it is very different from coating. The coating is a decorative liquid which is configured with organic solvent or water. The powder coating does not contain any solvent, all of which are solid powdery substances. It is very well distinguished. Know the difference between powder coating and coating


Although powder coatings are all powdery materials, they also contain additives such as resins, pigments, and fillers. They are classified into thermoplastic powder coatings and thermosetting powder coatings according to the type of resin. Thermoplastic powder coatings are coatings containing thermoplastic resins. Common thermoplastic resins are polyvinyl chloride powder.

Finally, nylon powder, PVC powder is very cheap, and has good solvent resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, powder coatings made from it are commonly used in isolation belts, refrigerator sandwiches, and steel furniture; nylon powder. It has a particularly high melting point and is highly resistant to impact and is not infested by mold.

Therefore, it is commonly used on drinking water pipes.

Thermosetting powder coatings are formed by using thermosetting resin. Thermosetting, in other words, heat curing, is a cross-linking method of thermosetting powder coatings. This crosslinking method only produces chemical reactions without physical changes, so the surface morphology is more stable. Comparison of polymerization degree of thermosetting resin

Low, so the leveling of the paint is very good, the decorative effect is not achieved by other paints.