What is the average RAL in powder coatings

Update:04 Jun,2020

What is the meaning of RAL in powder coating
The term "RAL" often appears in the powder coating industry and is immediately familiar to the staff in the field, but in addition to the facts related to the color of powder coatings, its meaning and origin are for those who are not familiar with powder coatings. It may be more obscure. Not actively participating in the powder coating industry.


RAL is a color matching system for powder coatings, which ensures color standardization in different applications, which is very similar to the Pantone color system in printing. However, there is a good reason for short as RAL: it actually refers to the German Industrial Council Reichs-Ausschußfür Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung, which invented the standard in 1927 and initially collected 40 colors. The standardized colors used in Houston powder coating applications were used in a different country/region a century ago, which proves the practicality of the standard and its persistence in industrial applications.

Although the RAL standard has been iterated and expanded many times, the concept remains the same. With a standardized color system, the same color, hue and saturation are used for production every time, so no matter how many times it must be mixed, it is easy to maintain a consistent powder coating color.


Although the colors in the RAL standard can be produced and used by any powder coating company, a larger, more experienced powder coating store in Houston can provide experience, equipment, and connections to effectively complete the work at a lower material cost . Enterprises or individuals seeking powder coating services, regardless of job size, should ensure that they are working with service providers to provide the necessary powder coating colors at the appropriate price and within the appropriate time frame.