What aspects should be paid attention to when using plastic powder as an environmentally friendly coating?

Update:30 May,2022
You may be unfamiliar with plastic powder. People who have not heard of it may still wonder whether plastic powder is plastic powder. In fact, this is not the case. Plastic powder is actually an environmentally friendly coating, and it is used as a kind of Environmentally friendly powder coatings not only greatly reduce solvent emissions, but also make great contributions to environmental protection in today's society, and in the process of plastic powder production and powder coating spraying, it does not harm the health of workers and does not pollute the environment. , the current plastic powder manufacturers basically meet the conditions, but there are still the following aspects to pay attention to:

1. In the production process of plastic powder and the spraying process of powder coating, the harm of dust should not be underestimated. Due to the solvent-free characteristics of plastic powder, the toxicity of plastic powder is much less than that of other paints. However, plastic powder still has a certain explosiveness in the process of powder spraying. Therefore, both plastic powder production and the equipment of the application unit should strictly follow the specifications. Open flame and electrostatic discharge are not allowed.

2. Volatile compounds may exist in some types of plastic powders
From the perspective of VOC emissions, some types of plastic powder still have sealants escape during the unblocking and curing process, such as closed polyurethane, which may even produce unpleasant odors and cause local pollution.

3. Plastic powder manufacturers also need to be very careful when choosing raw materials
The raw materials of plastic powder should preferably be environmentally friendly raw materials, including polyester, epoxy resin, pigments and additives and plastic powder curing agent.