What are the Advantages of Powder Coating?

Update:29 Sep,2020

Each type of metal finishing has pros and cons. But, in the majority of cases, powder coating services have seemed to win the race. Today we will look at the six key reasons why you should choose powder coating over liquid paint.

1. Durable

Powder coating provides a highly durable metal finish. It forms four to ten times thick layer than wet paint. The durability of finishing depends on the thickness of the coating. Powder coating forms a thick layer of uniform thickness over the entire surface of the workpiece which makes it extremely durable. It does not peel off easily and provide a more durable finish than wet painting. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant against wear, abrasion, chipping, fading and cracking compared to other types of finishing.

2. Environment-friendly

Wet paint uses solvents which have pollutants called volatile organic compounds. These pollutants are dangerous for the environment and cause serious health issues. Powder coating services do not use any solvents or volatile organic compounds, making it safer for environment and manufacturers. It does not release harmful VOCs in the environment.

3. Cost-effective

Powder coating is a cost-effective and efficient coating process and produces minimal waste. It does not require multiple coats to achieve unblemished finishing. Powder coating can be applied uniformly over the entire surface of the workpiece in a single process without producing a lot of waste. Elimination of VOCs and reduction of waste during the coating process allow companies to remain in compliance more easily and economically with the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

4. High-quality finishing

Powder coating services give a high-quality finishing. It forms a layer of uniform thickness across the entire surface of the substrate. As powder coating is applied electrostatically using a spray gun, there is no risk of running or dripping and forms an even coating.

5. Decorative finishing

Powder coating provides a great decorative finishing. Powder coated surfaces undergo curing during the coating process which produces long molecular chains. This curing result into high cross-link density coating that remains vibrant and bright much longer than other coatings and does not fade away easily. Also, an unlimited selection of colors is available ranging from glossy to fluorescent, candies, clear and hammered tone. And, texture selection ranges from smooth surface to wrinkles, rough and matte finishes.

6. Flexible

Powder coating forms a flexible coating. Unlike wet paints, it does not crack or peel while bending. Powder coated metal parts can bend without cracking or flaking. This quality of powder coating makes it ideal for coating of industrial machinery, automotive parts, and household items.

So these are the six reasons for choosing powder coating over the liquid painting.

If you are also looking for high quality decorative and protective finishing of metal parts, powder coating services, definitely, are one of the best in the business.