The powder coating instrument informs you of the types of powder coatings

Update:10 Dec,2021

1. Powder coatings can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic powder coatings, thermosetting powder coatings and thermosetting powder coatings according to the characteristics of the resin.


Thermoplastic powder coatings can be divided into polyethylene powder coatings, polypropylene powder coatings, polyvinyl chloride powder coatings, polyamide (nylon), polyethylene powder coatings, etc. The more domestically used coating types are polyethylene powder coatings, in addition to a small amount of polyvinyl chloride powder coatings, polyamide (nylon) and polyphenylene sulfide powder coatings.


Thermosetting powder can be divided into (pure) epoxy powder coating, polyester epoxy powder coating, (pure) polyester powder coating, polyamide powder coating, acrylic powder coating, polyester acrylic powder coating, acrylic epoxy powder coating and boiling Resin paint, etc. Among them, the most widely used coating types are polyester epoxy powder coatings, followed by (pure) polyester powder coatings, and then (pure) epoxy powder coatings. Due to different national conditions in various countries, their development and application status are significantly different.



2. According to the coating method and existing state of powder coatings, it can be divided into electrostatic powder spraying powder coatings, vulcanized bed dip coating powder coatings, dot swimming powder coatings, ultraviolet curing powder coatings and water dispersion (or water thick packaging) powders. Type of paint.


3. According to the special functions and uses of powder coatings, it can be classified into decorative powder coatings, anti-corrosion powder coatings, weather resistant powder coatings, insulating powder coatings, antibacterial powder coatings and high temperature resistant powder coatings.


4. From the appearance of the coating film of powder coatings, it can be divided into high gloss powder coatings, glossy powder coatings, semi-gloss powder coatings, matt powder coatings, matte powder coatings, wrinkle powder coatings, orange powder coatings, sand powder coatings, Hammer powder coatings, cotton powder coatings, pattern powder coatings, metallic flash powder coatings and powder coatings for a certain effect. Ordinary coating films whose gloss is greater than 90% belong to high gloss, those with gloss between 70% and 90% belong to gloss, and those with gloss between 45% and 70% belong to semi-gloss. , Gloss between 25% and 45% belongs to semi-matt, gloss between 10% and 25% belongs to matt, gloss below 10% belongs to no Light. There is no uniform rule for the classification of the gloss of the coating film. Some refer to the gloss of matte from 10% to 40%; the gloss of semi-gloss is 40% to 60%, and the gloss of high gloss is greater than Eighty-five percent.