Several methods to identify the authenticity of powder coatings

Update:01 Apr,2021

1. Appearance recognition method
The feel of the hand is silky smooth, loose, and floating. The hand feels rough, heavy, and heavy. Grab a handful of powder in the hand, the smoother the powder, the better the quality, on the contrary, the rough powder feels heavy and the quality is poor. Not easy After spraying, there is a lot of falling powder and a lot of waste.
The larger the volume, the less the filler in the powder coating, the higher the cost. The better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filler in the powder coating, and the lower the cost. The quality of the powder is worse. The same carton, which one's A large powder means a good powder, and which one has a small volume means a bad powder. It is not easy to spray, with a lot of secondary powder falling, large waste, less spray area, and high cost of use.
Storage time
Good powder can be stored for a long time, powder leveling and other effects remain unchanged. Poor powder can not be stored for a long time, poor powder leveling and other effects become worse after 3 months. Normal powder has a shelf life at room temperature. For 12 months, the quality of products using low-end raw materials is unstable and easy to deteriorate. Using poor raw materials to produce powder, the sprayed surface will accelerate pulverization and aging after half a year. This affects the reputation of customers. In addition, the powder is not easy to store, resulting in large waste of powder , The fee is more.

Two, baking identification method

Is there smoke produced? Good powder does not produce a large amount of smoke during the baking process. Poor powder produces a lot of smoke during the baking process. Good powder raw materials do not produce a large amount of smoke, and some manufacturers take inferior raw materials to charge Good material. The amount of powder will increase, and the square number will not be sprayed, which will increase the cost of use. The same amount of powder will produce less products.

Three, high temperature recognition method
High temperature, adjust the temperature to between 220-230 degrees, keep the good powder for 10-15 minutes, the temperature and weather resistance is better, after high temperature baking, the color changes less, and the gloss changes little. Poor powder, temperature and weather resistance Inferior, after high-temperature baking, the color changes seriously, and the gloss becomes dull. This method is particularly effective for detecting outdoor light-colored powder. The poor powder uses poor resin, titanium dioxide, poor pigments and fillers, and poor temperature and weather resistance. Low cost, shoddy.