Selection of spare parts materials for powder coating production equipment

Update:15 Jan,2021

Due to the long use time of the equipment, the wear of the equipment spare parts during the powder production process is normal for powder coatings. After the spare parts wear, such as: screw and lining wear will directly affect the powder mixing effect and output; ACM grinding gear ring, striker, The wear of the classifier and return ring will directly affect the fineness and particle size distribution of the produced powder. How to better and continuously produce high-quality powders and how to prevent the powder quality from being affected by the wear of spare parts is a very realistic problem facing the majority of powder coating manufacturers.

At present, in the powder equipment spare parts market, due to different materials and heat treatment processes, the wear-resistant life of the spare parts produced is also different. At the same time, because there is no unified specification, the prices of various spare parts are varied, but all the spare parts cannot be seen from the surface what materials and heat treatment processes are used, and the powder factory knows little about the materials and heat treatment processes of mechanical parts. The current chaos in the powder equipment spare parts market. How to choose wear-resistant, long-life, and cost-effective spare parts according to the variety and output of the powder produced by the factory is a practical problem that the majority of powder manufacturers have been facing. The author believes that the first consideration in selecting spare parts is quality, that is, long wear life and cost performance. The following is a detailed analysis of the selection materials of the typical wearing parts commonly used in powder equipment: screw, screw sleeve, mixing block, and gear ring in ACM mill.

After installation, the output of powder can reach about 20t (the original material is made of the same spare parts and the output of 2t has been very severely worn), the wear resistance life is increased by about 10 times, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the quality of the powder produced is also improved. The particle size of the powder is relatively uniform and the sphericity is good. Although the spare parts produced by this process are cost-effective, due to the high absolute cost, a spare part can be as high as thousands or even several thousand yuan. Therefore, in addition to the insulation powder and anti-corrosion powder manufacturers can accept, the general powder coating manufacturers still need to be gradually promoted. In addition, it is understood that the bonding force of the sprayed wear-resistant coating and the substrate needs to be further improved. Some parts that often produce metal directional collisions (such as screw sleeves, etc.) will have the coating peeling off under impact.

In general, it is still a long process for powder coating production equipment spare parts to strive to coat materials with wear resistance, uniform thickness and good surface quality.