Recognition method of powder paint for household decoration

Update:18 Jun,2020

Household decoration is inseparable from paint. Powder coating is a new type of solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. More and more coating products are integrated into the market and are very popular with consumers. There are also powder coatings on the market. Good or bad


Volume: The larger the volume, the less filler in the powder coating and the higher the cost. The better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filler in the powder coating and the lower the cost. The worse the powder quality. In the same carton, if the volume of the powder in that family is large, it is good powder, and if the volume of that family is small, it is poor powder. It is not easy to spray, there is much secondary powder falling, large waste, less spraying area, and high cost of use.


Storage time: good powder can be stored for a long time, the powder leveling and other effects remain unchanged. Poor powder can not be stored for a long time, after 3 months of poor powder leveling becomes worse and other effects become worse. The shelf life of normal powder is 12 months at room temperature, and the quality of low-end raw materials is unstable and easily deteriorated. Using poor raw materials to produce powder, the sprayed surface will accelerate powdering and aging after half a year. Affect customer reputation. In addition, the powder is not easy to store, which causes a large waste of powder and a lot of fees for customers.


Spray area identification method
The resin content of normal powder should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan/KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan. Some undesirable powder factories use less than 45% of the resin content to sub-fill, and increase the filler to reduce costs and reduce spraying area. Comparison method: Two powders of the same kind are sprayed with the same product. The powder spraying product of that one is more, the spraying product of that one is less, and the spraying product of less is worse, and the cost of use is high. For manufacturers, the less spraying area, the higher the cost of use. Calculated by spraying 6 squares per kilogram of powder, each less square is equivalent to the manufacturer paying 3-6 yuan more per kilogram of powder, carefully calculating their actual cost of use.

Baking identification method
Good powder does not produce a lot of smoke during the baking process. Poor powder produces a lot of smoke during the baking process. A good powder raw material does not produce a lot of smoke, and some manufacturers use the raw materials to fill the materials. The amount of powder will increase, the square number can not be sprayed out, increasing the use cost, the same amount of powder produces less product.


Method for identifying appearance and gloss of finished product after baking
A good powder product has a delicate, full, transparent, and strong three-dimensional appearance. Poor powder products are dull in appearance, dull, with a foggy surface, opaque, and poor three-dimensional feel. The comparison of the two boards shows that the appearance is poor, which affects the reputation of customers and affects the appearance of products. Good gloss powder has good gloss and can maintain relative gloss for a long time. The poor powder gloss works well when just baked, and starts to shine in a few months. The powder made of materials with poor gloss appearance can not maintain the long-term gloss stability, such as light, powder, and paint removal.


Adhesion and aging identification method
The good powder has strong adhesion and toughness, and can maintain non-powdering and aging for several years. The poor powder has poor adhesion and is very brittle. It begins to age and powder from 3 months to half a year after spraying. Contrast test adhesion and bending, and observe whether the product is aging and powdering after a few months. Poor adhesion and aging, the product is easy to aging, powdering, rusting, shortening the service life of the product and affecting the customer's reputation.


High temperature identification method
Adjust the temperature to 220-230 degrees and keep it warm for 10-15 minutes. A good powder has better temperature resistance and weather resistance. After baking at high temperature, the color change is small and the gloss does not change much. Poor powder, poor temperature resistance and weather resistance. After high temperature baking, the discoloration is serious and the gloss becomes dumb. This method is particularly effective for detecting outdoor light-colored powder.