Powder coatings have a clear trend in the field of coatings

Update:14 Mar,2020

With the rapid development of China's urbanization and industrialization, architectural powder coatings are widely used in commercial and residential projects. Its application and construction area have been expanding year by year, and the construction market prospect in China is very broad. Let's follow Xiaobian to briefly understand that it has obvious trends in the field of painting.

The application of powder coatings is becoming more and more widespread, mainly because it has almost zero VOC emissions and is very environmentally friendly. Among them, metal building materials are widely used in various aspects of construction due to their excellent durability, decoration and formability. Aluminum construction materials account for more than 80% of metal construction materials due to their good processability and lightness.

The powder coating has 4E characteristics and can be converted into a coating film. It has the advantages of high coating efficiency, good comprehensive protection and decorative performance, and has a smaller carbon footprint during production and construction, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Powder coatings are penetrating the global market, and the Asia-Pacific region is a very fast-growing region. With the rapid economic development in the Asia-Pacific region and heavy investment in the industrial sector, demand for this product in the construction, automotive, furniture and home appliance industries is growing.