Powder coatings are the preferred coatings for all types of coating markets

Update:24 Oct,2022
Because powder coatings are applied in an advanced method, all types of coatings provide a durable, uniform and attractive finish. For decoration and protection of all coatings, coatings of different formulations can provide additional protection against UV rays, corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. Powder coatings have become the coatings of choice for consumer products such as bicycles, lawn and office furniture, kitchen appliances and automobiles.
Thermosetting coatings refer to the use of thermosetting resins as film-forming substances, and the addition of curing agents for cross-linking reactions can form insoluble and infusible hard coatings after heating. At higher temperatures, the coating will not soften like a thermoplastic coating, but will only decompose.

Since the resin used in the thermosetting coating is a prepolymer with a lower degree of polymerization and a lower molecular weight, the coating has better leveling and better decorative properties, and the low molecular weight prepolymer can be cured after curing. The macromolecules form network cross-linked, so the coating has better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Therefore, the development of thermosetting powder coatings is particularly rapid.
At present, the environmental protection powder coating enterprises are widely distributed, the product quality is not high, the R&D technical force is weak, and there is no independent brand. Under normal circumstances, the formula is brought into production after being improved. It is understood that my country's coatings market is unevenly distributed, pipeline anti-corrosion is concentrated in the northern market, and home appliance companies are concentrated in the southern market. The above two points determine whether my country's coatings market will usher in the development trend of integration. The integrated coatings industry will achieve an effective layout, and will not change the market characteristics and the direction of enterprise development due to integration.