Powder coatings are green coatings

Update:03 Jan,2020

In recent years, powder coatings have the characteristics of zero VOCs emissions, no solvents, no pollution, recyclable, environmental protection and energy saving, can better meet the dual needs of environmental protection and the market, and quickly become a new trend under environmental protection policies, and develop rapidly .


Powder coatings are solid powder coatings in powder form which are transferred to the coating in powder form and then baked, melted and solidified into a film. Powder coatings represent environmentally friendly coatings with similar solids content. It consists of resins, curing agents, pigments and fillers, additives, and low-boiling substances that are essentially solvent-free. It is a widely used coating product with green environmental protection characteristics.


Powder coatings are solvent-free and have zero VOC. It is an inorganic solvent-based coating that greatly reduces solvent potential. Powder coatings do not cause volatile substances to volatilize into the atmosphere, which greatly reduces the use of energy; without repeated spraying and priming, only a single spray can be used to obtain a thick film, which increases production capacity and overall production efficiency.