Powder Coating for Agricultural Machinery

Update:30 Jun,2021

Agricultural Machinery Coating refers to the manufacturing of protective materials to protect machineries, tractors, sprayers, crushers, pulp mills, printing equipment, agricultural implements and even automobiles from hazardous weather. Agricultural coating is used for almost all machineries and is extremely important as a shield against salt spray, chemicals, and airborne pollutants. It is important to note that the coating is applied on a surface that will be exposed to the elements, especially salt spray, which is lethal to many machineries. In addition, most Agricultural Machinery Coating requires a hardening agent to assure the proper chemical resistance and protect the coating from abrasion and chipping.

There are a variety of coats available for a variety of needs and applications. Some of the most common types include:

Powder-coated Air Classifier Coating This new type low-emission coating for vehicles in various applications is becoming more widely used. The coating makes vehicles much more environmentally friendly as it reduces the emission from combustion. This new type of low emission air classifier coating is made with a binder and a high-tech electrochemical process for creating an ultra-light, durable, slip-resistant, and rust-free coating.

Agricultural Machinery Coating - Powder-coated Air Classifier Coating This high-end abrasive powder paint is extremely useful for a wide range of machineries in many applications. It is also very effective for protecting metal surfaces used in high-end manufacturing applications, including an extrusion pump, die plate, anodized aluminum components, and high-end bearings and components. Additionally, this paint is ideal for applications that require extremely long lasting durability, such as an airplane finish or other metal fabrication processes. Furthermore, the high-performance polymeric coating can also provide a 50% increase in productivity over bare metal finishing.

Industrial Powder Coating - Powder-coated Air Conditioner/ Crusher With a high-performance aluminum extrusion, the powder coating provides a strong and durable exterior finish for heat exchangers, compressor and condenser units, and fan belts. This coating is ideal for applications requiring extreme heat resistance, such as those found with refrigeration lines, diesel engines, as well as an extensive range of automotive and industrial machinery. Furthermore, it allows for a reduction in friction that may cause issues in the production of machined parts. Additionally, with a high heat finish and a high-density texture, it can make an extremely efficient industrial roller bearing.

These types of coatings are specifically designed to enhance a manufacturer's ability to protect and optimize sensitive machining components. Therefore, the powder coating plant is often found in high-end machining centers, like those found in the aerospace, automotive, and food processing industries. In order to qualify for certification as a high-end coating facility, it must meet the most stringent standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (OSC). OSHA sets forth a checklist of criteria used to assess such facilities, which includes having a current assessment and management plan in place for all machining operations. By meeting these requirements, the powder coating plant will help to ensure that it continues to operate at a high level throughout the manufacturing process, allowing the company to stay one step ahead of the competition.