Powder coating construction matters

Update:24 Dec,2021

(1) In order to make the characteristics of the powder coating to proliferate the useful life of the coating film, the surface is strictly treated by the surface of the coat.


(2) When sprayed, the coated should be fully grounded to increase the injection efficiency of the powder coating.


(3) The coatings with large surface defects should be applied to the conductive putty to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the coating film.


(4) After spraying, the object objects need to be improved, and the curing conditions are subject to powder product technical indicators but must sufficiently ensure its curing temperature and time, avoiding insufficient solidification.

(5) Immediately after powder powder, if it is found that the defect should be handled in time, if the defect is found, the range is small only, and the surface is decorated by the surface of the coat, which can be diluted with acetone powder to be diluted. If the range is large It also affects the surface quality, then after the sandpaper is polished, it is then sprayed once or remove the coating with a skinned agent, and then re-raise the powder.


(6) The recovery powder must be screened to remove the removal of the debris, and it is mixed with the new powder according to a proportion.


(7) Powder, spray chamber and recovery system should avoid contamination of other different color powders, so it must be purged every time I change color.