Polyester resins for powder coatings are mostly saturated

Update:03 Apr,2020

Powder coatings are weather-resistant polyester powder coatings. Most polyester resins used are saturated. According to their structure, terminal groups can be divided into terminal carboxyl groups and terminal hydroxyl groups.

Powder coating for aluminum profiles uses powder coating, and electrostatic spraying is used for spraying. Under the action of accelerated wind, positively charged powder particles are ejected from the gun body, contact the negatively charged shape, generate electrostatic adsorption, and then solidify at high temperature. It can also increase the absorption strength of the coating and prevent the film from falling off. .

The dust removal process is relatively simple and high yield. In general, if all measures are appropriate, the production of substandard products can be controlled to a greater extent, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption. In the production of ordinary anodizing and electrophoretic coatings, especially in the oxidation process of industrial aluminum profile processing, the consumption of water and electricity is relatively high.

Reduce water and air pollution levels, no longer use liquid organic solvents such as lye, acid, etc., reduce water and air pollution, effectively improve the competitiveness of aluminum and plastic profiles as environmentally friendly products, corresponding parts reduce production costs and greatly reduce workers Labor intensity, using automated assembly lines and industrial aluminum feeding methods, using simplified fixtures to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity