Matters needing attention in powder coating construction

Update:08 Apr,2022
①In the process of powder coating construction, the powder coating sprayed on the surface of the metal workpiece should be uniform, and the coating thickness is average and suitable. Too thick will cause the crack boundary to be ambiguous; too thin, it will simply show defects such as exposed bottom and shrinkage;

②It is recommended that the spraying order should be from high to low. Spray the non-essential surface first, then the primary surface, preferably in one spray. Some dead corners need some touch-up paint, which will make some original cracks disappear;

③In order to achieve the best spraying effect, before construction, sieve the material with a slightly larger screen, and adjust the powder air pressure, atomization pressure, distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, and the spray gun through the powder supply equipment of the fluidized bed system. Various technical parameters such as removal speed are the best.

④ Use powder crack coatings to prevent them from contaminating other types of coatings. Assuming conditions exist, it is best to have two sets of equipment used separately.

⑤ During electrostatic spraying, the thermal spraying on the workpiece is better than the cold spraying texture formation. Because the thermal spraying is a powder coating that melts rapidly as soon as it touches the workpiece, the coating immediately begins to convect, so that it has enough time to rotate to the best. angle of reflection.