Is it better to use plastic powder or paint? What's the difference?

Update:07 Jun,2022
If you want to process the surface of some products to make them more beautiful, is it better to choose plastic powder or paint? If you still have any thoughts in your mind, you can first take a look at the difference between paint and plastic powder After that, decide again.

1. Different effects
Plastic powder spraying has good effect, low cost, positive color and beautiful appearance. The paint is expensive and the effect is average. Only polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint can have better effect. The doors and windows are generally used in a relatively low corrosive environment, and the sealing performance of the plastic is sufficient. Paints are used in highly corrosive environments. Plastic powder is easy to operate, and generally does not appear uneven spraying. The paint is generally thicker, so it is prone to uneven application.

2. Different uses
Plastic powder can only be used for coating metal surfaces, while paint can be used on general workpieces.

3. Environmental protection is different
Plastic powder is an environmentally friendly material, odorless, and will not cause harm to the human body. And paint generally has a pungent smell.

The above are the three differences between the two surface treatments of plastic powder and paint. Generally speaking, it is better to choose plastic powder, which can reduce environmental pollution and save resources.