Introduction to several aspects of the rapid development of powder coatings

Update:30 Oct,2020

The general term for a type of liquid or solid material that can form a solid coating film with protective, decorative or special properties when powder coating is applied to the surface of an object. The largest share of powder coatings is in the Asia Pacific region. In particular, China and India are important countries in the region. The second largest market is Europe. Powder coatings are still dominated by epoxy polyester adhesive technology. Almost half of all powder coatings used worldwide are based on this technology.

In fact, the reason for the popularity of powder coatings can be seen in its definition: powder coatings are a new type of solvent-free 100% solid powder coatings, which are completely different from general coatings. It is in the state of fine powder. existing. Since no solvent is used, it is called powder coating. Powder coating has the characteristics of harmlessness, high efficiency, resource saving and environmental protection.

The rapid development of powder coatings is caused by a combination of many factors. First of all, it is driven by market demand. Powder coatings are widely used. Among them, the aluminum profile field allows powder coatings to be applied to doors and windows, building facades, kitchens, bathrooms, electrical appliances, etc.; the construction industry in some countries is developing well to promote the demand for powder coatings, such as China, the United States, Mexico, Qatar, the UAE, India, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries; the industrial application field is another important market for powder coatings, including the coating field of construction machinery. The continuous development of fitness equipment, electronic products, cosmetic packaging and other fields keeps the demand for powder coatings.

  Secondly, environmental pollution highlights people's awareness of danger, and the policy is leaning towards green products, making environmentally friendly powder coatings at home and abroad more and more popular. Pollution control in various parts of our country is becoming more and more strict, and the production and application of raw materials and products containing volatile organic compounds such as coatings, paints, and solvents are restricted. In contrast, environmentally friendly powder coatings are ushering in the development; from a foreign perspective, the United States The continuous development of the automotive industry and the VOC emission control of solvent-based coatings have also promoted the development of powder coatings from one side.

  Third, technology upgrades and increased investment in scientific research and innovation have led to continuous advancement in high-performance powder coating technology, increasing powder coating products, expanding applications and upgrading equipment. Sherwin-Williams launched polyester powder coatings for MDF in 2014; Akzo Nobel launched ultra-high reflectivity powder coatings in 2015, thereby increasing the output of commercial lighting equipment by 30%; Axalta also has learning and learning facilities in Houston and other places. Development Center... Major companies have launched new products based on their own development research and development, making the entire market flourish and a virtuous circle. The development of technology gives powder coatings advantages in cost control of production and application, which is also the reason for its popularity.