Introduction of high temperature resistant powder coating

Update:19 May,2022
The formula design, problem solving and production process of high temperature resistant powder coatings are introduced.
Silicone resin is an essential base material for high temperature resistant powder coatings. Silicone resin can be used alone as a base material or combined with polyester and epoxy resin to improve the high temperature resistance of the coating film. At the same time, high temperature resistant inorganic pigments and fillers and appropriate additives should also be selected in the formula. At present, the silicone resins used for high temperature resistant powder coatings are mainly divided into the following two types:

Methyl polysiloxane, which is characterized by: good hardness; good hydrophobicity; low surface energy, non-stick effect; - good yellowing resistance at high temperature; but poor miscibility with other organic resins. Phenyl polysiloxane, good miscibility; good flexibility; gloss retention, good color retention.

As a solvent-free coating, there is no solvent volatilization during the coating process, which is suitable for the requirements of environmental protection, does not use organic solvents, and is relatively safe during production and construction.

High temperature resistant powder coatings are of good durability, and their film appearance is inferior to solvent-based coatings. Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size of the powder, the better the appearance of the coating film, but if the content of the fine powder is smaller than the average particle size, the coating construction efficiency will decrease. The Forbidden City powder coating is a fine particle powder coating developed to solve the problem that the powder coating cannot take into account the aesthetics of the coating film and the coating economy. Its average particle size is smaller than the previous powder coatings, and the particle size deviation is less than 20μm.

As a type of coatings, high temperature resistant powder coatings do not seem to have a very close relationship with ordinary consumers. In fact, powder coatings are widely used coatings, but due to the particularity of the process during use, there is a gap between them and ordinary consumers, resulting in consumers feeling unfamiliar with "powder coatings". In fact, many products such as household appliances and furniture are decorated with powder coatings. The iron cabinets of the work unit are generally sprayed with powder coatings. Powder coatings have excellent properties such as low pollution and wear resistance, and are favored by many industries.