How to store plastic powder?

Update:15 Oct,2021

The plastic powder is a material of the spray process. It is simple to say that the plastic powder is heated by the compressed atmosphere to the material surface through the compressed atmosphere. How to store plastic powders? Introduce the technique of storage plastic powder:



1. Demand to avoid plastic powder in a place where it is susceptible to water, organic solvents, oil and other material, which will make it moisture;

2. The plastic powder used is wide, so as not to illuminate the sunlight, good skill is to be stored in a good ventilation, temperature at 35 ° C as follows;

3. Do not be freely exposed to the atmosphere after using the plastic powder, the correct approach is to cover or turn the pockets at any time to avoid the mixing of the debris;

4. The concentration of phosphoplast chambers, despite the control of the safety concentration, so as to avoid the danger of dust explosion;

5. Equipment used in fake assembly industry should be eliminated to prevent danger;

6. Solve the skin's eternal contact, the powder attached to the skin is cleaned with soapy water, do not use a solvent. Safety of places where painting construction is applied;

7. Solve the endless discharge signs of the painting machine;

8. The concentration of phosphoplast chambers, although the control is controlled in the safe concentration, so as not to explode.

The plastic powder does not soften and cake at room temperature, the machine evacuation is good, and it is easy to form a flat coating film, which has the advantage of resistance, toughness, and meandering, which can be applied to the coating of the thickness film.