How to reduce the presence of powder coating particles

Update:01 Jul,2020

The non-filterability of the powder coating determines whether there are particles in the coating. The particles can be said to be the damage of the coating decoration, which will affect the grade of the coated product. So how to reduce the existence of powder coating particles? The following is a brief analysis for everyone.


The resin may contain abundant raw materials or various mechanical impurities formed during the production process, and the mechanical impurities constitute a sharp particle shape. Resin production enterprises should require the use of qualified raw materials, adhere to a clean production environment, strictly control the production process, and adopt corresponding filtration methods.

Some companies that produce powder coatings use cloth to bundle materials for export or commodity packaging for port materials. If worn for a period of time, the fibers will fall off, allowing a string of particles to enter the material or commodity. Mechanical impurities can also be brought into the pre-mixing location, including external packaging brought by dust and other impurities, the packaging will fall into the mixer. Therefore, in these parts, frequent inspections are required to reduce the presence of particles.


The thicker the pigment and filler, the simpler the particles. However, if the color is too fine, it will increase the oil absorption rate, thereby affecting the smoothness of the powder coating. This requires the color filler to have a reasonable particle size and strictly control the presence of coarse particles.