How to prevent agglomeration of powder coatings

Update:06 Mar,2020

Powder coatings are prone to agglomeration at certain temperatures, mainly due to the softening of the resin and the role of leveling agents in the coating. A thermosetting coating is a low molecular weight organic polymer resin. So how to prevent it from agglomerating in the work? Let's follow it briefly with the editor.

In short, the agglomeration of powder coating is a natural law at a certain temperature. In order to prevent it from agglomerating, the coating product must be below its glass transition temperature during the entire grinding, packaging, storage and transportation process.

In addition, anti-caking additives such as nano-silica (vk-sp15) or nano-alumina (vk-12m) must be used to prevent adhesion between powder particles. Generally, anticaking agents and fracture materials have good abrasive properties. There is no single way to prevent it from agglomerating, and excessive use of one method brings other disadvantages to the product.

Thermosetting powder coatings and thermoplastic powder coatings also have nano-silica and nano-alumina powders. Only through various scientific cooperation methods can the agglomeration of the coating be effectively prevented.