How to choose high-quality and inexpensive thermosetting powder coatings

Update:27 Aug,2020

Thermosetting powder coating refers to the use of thermosetting resin as a film-forming substance, and the curing agent for cross-linking reaction can be heated to form an insoluble and infusible hard coating. No matter how high the temperature is, the coating will not soften like a thermoplastic coating, but can only decompose. Because the resin used in thermosetting powder coatings is a prepolymer with a lower degree of polymerization and a lower molecular weight, the coating has better leveling properties and better decoration. Moreover, after the low molecular weight prepolymer is cured, It can form network cross-linked macromolecules, so the coating has better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Therefore, the development of thermosetting recycled powder coatings and plastic powder recycling is particularly rapid.

The dispersion of pigments in thermosetting powder coatings is fundamentally different from liquid coatings in terms of technology or the state of dispersed materials, and is completely incomparable; the pre-dispersed materials have a short residence time in the melting and mixing equipment, and it is very difficult for the pigments to wetting. The ease of dispersion becomes particularly important;

How to buy inexpensive thermosetting powder coatings

First: The skill of purchasing powder coatings is to ask more questions. When purchasing, you must first consider the actual situation of your own house. You must ask questions thoroughly from quality assurance to service. See if the products sold by the merchant are what you need.

The second is to see, let's first judge the powder coating intuitively. A good powder coating has the advantages of higher transparency and brighter gloss. Some powder coating manufacturers will add fillers to powder coatings to improve the strength and maintenance of powder coatings. Fillers are a relatively low-cost coating. There are many types of fillers, such as powder coatings that are often used. The barium sulfate, barite powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, mica powder, quartz powder and so on are available. Different fillers have different functional advantages, which can help improve the function of powder coatings, so that powder coatings can better exert their advantages.

Fillers are not soluble in water or may be some organic solvents. Generally, fillers are materials with good dispersibility and do not contain any impurities. As a filler, it needs to be resistant to acids and alkalis. Such fillers can be mixed in powder coatings to better enhance the function of powder coatings.

The third is the touch. Good powder coatings have high solid content and a delicate and smooth touch. Inferior coatings have low solid content. Even if they are painted multiple times, the paint film still feels brittle and thin, and the paint containing magazines will have significant effects. Grainy. Zhuolong plastic powder is very perfect in this respect. The original materials of the company are imported from abroad, and they are constantly inspected and improved during the production process to ensure that you have an outstanding role in painting.

The fourth is smell. If you smell a pungent odor, it is defective paint. On the contrary, environmentally friendly paint has a strong and pure smell. For example, Zhuolong brand powder coatings are developed and produced by using the world's advanced odor-cleaning skills, without adding flavors, and quickly odor-cleaning, so that you can get rid of the trouble of odors and solve household problems in a comprehensive way. Easily invent a healthy and environmentally friendly natural and pure space;

The fifth is scratching. Use toothpicks or nails and other hard objects to cut the paint film. Good powder coatings have high hardness, good scratch resistance and are not easy to scratch, while powder coatings with low hardness will show significant fine scratches. Affect the beautiful wall.