High temperature resistant powder paint introduction

Update:24 Sep,2021

1. High temperature resistance powder coating is an out-of-resistant powder silicone resin, a high-temperature pigment, a filler, a filler, has good high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high temperature color stability. Due to the high hardness, its anti-scratching machine can be 2-3 times the general solvent type high temperature paint, the hand feel, the flexibility is very strong, the construction is easy to comply with high, and the consequences of various difficult-discussed dead angles. Not toxic and environmentally friendly, 100% usage, high powder rate, (never use the purchase powder) The spray area is large (the spray area is 2-3 times the silicone high temperature paint, and there is no need to use irritating odor Diluent, there is no need to have a technical driving industry), and the past paint is difficult to spray the dead angle to adopt a polishing process to obtain a comprehensive thorough solution.

High-temperature powder coating is suitable for all kinds of flexible vehicles with smoke-free requirements, barbecue, grills, oven, rice cookers inner and outer walls, household gas stoves, part weapons, fever plates, heat exchangers, etc.


2. Product Series:

Temperature resistance can be provided at a high temperature powder coating at 300 ° C, 350 ° C, 400 ° C, 500 ° C, 600 ° C, 700 ° C, 800 ° C.

Color High Temperature Powder Coatings Customer Document Provided by Customers or K7 RAL color card before producing a custom.



3. Physical function:
High temperature resistance powder coating is 25 ° C.G / CM3: 1.4-1.6

Granularity diffusion: 100% less than 100 microns (adjustment requirements for the extraction of the voucher coating)

Curing Prerequisites: First 130 ° C X5min, slowly volatilize the water in the powder to assist in coating. Then, then up to -230 ° C / 30min (the workpiece solid temperature is cured to coating the coating)


High-temperature powder coatings are common refer to the coating film in the coating film at 200 ° C, not falling, still maintaining the proper physical results. Under normal circumstances, the high temperature powder coating is mainly composed of high temperature resistant resin, high temperature resistant pigment, high temperature resistant filler and special effects; it is widely used in chemical, kerosene, metallurgy, aviation and other occupations due to its extractional high temperature results. Today's heat-resistant powder coatings are still mainly organic silicon powder coatings.


In the silicone resin, a silicone bond is a main chain, which imparts higher oxidative stability to the silicone resin due to its higher key energy, and a stable protective layer can be generated on the surface of the coating film. The silicone resin is used separately, and the molecular weight is small, the attachment is poor, and the price is also high; with the premise of satisfying the relevant results, it is normal to increase moderate silicone resin in the resin to dispose of temperature resistance.


High-temperature powder coatings are the longer the use of the silicone resin in the inevitable range of the silicone resin, the longer the use of the coating film. In the literature, when a silicone resin is added from 0.1 to 0.3, the heat-resistant time of the coating film is from about 50 hours, rising to 100 hours.


The heat source of industrial high temperatures is mainly incinerated in various fuels (such as coal, kerosene, gas, gas, etc.), mechanical rolling conflicts (such as electricity, machine tools, grinding wheels, chainsaw, etc.), so that mechanical energy can cause thermal energy and side from heat Chemical reaction. High temperature common effects, the data is heat-resistant 250 ° C, when the data assumes that it is not very good to use and protect, and the hindrance of thermal energy explosions will be not estimated.