Four advantages of powder coatings compared with traditional coatings

Update:26 Dec,2020

1. Reduce environmental pollution

With environmental protection laws and regulations on the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere becoming more and more stringent, the coating industry seeks various methods to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution. After long-term experiments and tests, it was finally found that "powder coating" is the most ideal coating technology that can be achieved at present.

The powder coating does not use organic solvents, water and other volatile solvents, so the powder coating is an inorganic solvent-based coating, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards of the powder coating manufacturer due to solvents. Since the introduction of powder coatings in the 1950s and 1960s, no powder coating manufacturer has ever experienced a major safety accident caused by powder coatings.

Powder coating is a 100% solid powder coating, which can be sprayed fully automatically. Excessive or oversprayed powder coatings can be recycled and reused through the recycling system device. Therefore, powder coatings can reach almost 100% utilization rate, which enables the coating industry to reduce waste disposal and reduce environmental pollution to lowest.

2. Save energy

Looking at the energy costs of powder coatings and liquid coatings. Liquid coatings contain organic volatiles, causing volatiles to evaporate into the atmosphere; while powder coatings will not have such waste, which greatly reduces the use of energy.

The electrostatic coating machine has a large discharge volume and a thick film can be obtained by one spray. There is no need to repeat spraying or primer. In the case of the same film thickness, the coating operation using powder coatings is faster, which can save time and cost. In addition, the baking time of powder coating is also shorter than that of liquid coating. This can greatly reduce fuel energy, shorten coating lines, increase productivity, and promote overall production efficiency.

3. Excellent film performance

The powder coating manufacturer only needs to spray the powder coating directly on the iron or aluminum material that has been properly pre-treated, and then bake it to obtain a coating film surface with excellent performance, such as the durability of the coating film, including: abrasion resistance, Impact, adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance etc. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, outdoor powder coatings also include high weather resistance and pollution resistance. Especially for thicker coatings, the powder coating can reach 50-300μm in one spray, and has good leveling properties, which will not cause dripping or stagnation when thickly coated with solvent coatings.

4. Considerable economic benefits

The powder coating is sprayed using electrostatic principle, so the coating equipment can be fully automated without wasting human resources. Even if the powder coating manufacturer needs manual assistance, the painter can spray a good film without long-term training. The powder coating is 100% solid content and does not need to add any solvent, saving packaging and reducing storage space. In the spraying process, if there is a poorly sprayed part, it can be blown off with an air spray gun before baking, and then sprayed on. Therefore, the phenomenon of surface paint flow and dripping is unlikely to occur, thereby reducing the probability of repainting and rework. Among the components of the coating film, solvent-based coatings are about 60-65%, while powder coatings can reach almost 100%, and the powder that is not attached to the object being sprayed can be recycled and reused. Generally speaking, the use of powder coating technology can improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.