Epoxy powder coating and its coating technology are still lacking

Update:14 Apr,2022
Epoxy powder coating has low melting degree, good leveling, smooth appearance of coating film, and basically no defects such as pinholes and shrinkage holes; good adhesion to metal and other substrates, high hardness and scratch resistance of the coating film Good; good physical and mechanical properties of the coating film, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance; good color matching of the coating, wide selection of curing agents, and can be prepared with glossy, matt, flash, pattern and hammer pattern.

Epoxy powder coating has good coating compliance, and can be constructed by electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed dipping, electrostatic fluidized bed dipping and flame spraying; it has good compatibility with the substrate (or primer). compliant compatibility.

Epoxy powder coating is used for anti-rust and anti-corrosion of kitchen utensils, agricultural machinery, auto parts, chemical equipment, building materials, marine equipment, public equipment, etc., and decoration of electrical switch cabinets, electronic instruments and meters, metal cabinets, etc. Sexual maintenance, electrical insulation protection of motor rotors or copper bars.

Epoxy powder coatings and their coating technology are still lacking. First, from the appearance point of view, improper construction is easy to cause problems such as orange peel; second, the baking curing temperature is high, usually higher than 140 ° C, which is not suitable for substrates with poor heat resistance, and the baking temperature needs to be lowered; third, it is not easy to Obtain a thinner coating film; Fourth, it has high requirements for equipment, and requires more complex and sophisticated equipment for both manufacturing and painting, so equipment investment is large; Fifth, it is not suitable for multiple types and colors. It is difficult to change the type and color.

A curing agent specially designed for the preparation of low temperature (120°C) or fast curing epoxy powders. It has both reaction activity and catalytic activity, so it can be used alone or as a curing accelerator in combination with other various epoxy curing agents to prepare various decorative and functional epoxy powder coatings.