Electrostatic powder coatings have the following advantages

Update:29 Sep,2021

Low-temperature curing powder coating main partial side: a set of electrostatic powder spraying systems mainly consists of a set of pink powder coatings, a set or several sets of static spraying, static electricity production (usually disposed in electrostatic spray interior) And a set of powder acquisition assembly, which is the main component of powder coating spraying.


Electrostatic powder coatings have the following advantages.


It is very easy to dry when renovation, and it is easy to dry, unlike some paint to apply it to the wall, it is not easy to dry, and also has odor. After the low-temperature curing powder coating is applied, it is not to volatilize any smell, so it will not have harmful places to the human body, and the associated disease is excited.



The electrostatic powder can also acquire and then exercise, will not palate the materials, which greatly saves resources and improves the level of deterioration of the environment, and thoroughly adapted to green environmental protection.


Low-temperature Curing Powder Coatings have become the main research and development projects of various enterprises or research units in recent years, and low-temperature curing powder coatings are highly solidified, not only energy-saving consumption, which reduces people, and broadening the use of platforms, making this new type of paint Replace the rate of conventional coatings accelerated. The polyester resin used by the powder coating, by introducing the formulation and process of the prepared polyester resin to improve the formulation and process of the polyester resin, and increased the agonist of extracted results in the synthesis of the main chain flexibility and end-based activity. It is useful to reduce the curing feedback temperature of the powder coating, shorten the curing feedback time, so that the conventional powder coating of the isocyanurate trihydrate as a curing agent is reduced by 10 minutes at 200 ° C for 10 minutes to reduce to 130. Placed for 20 minutes at ° C. The performance of the polyester resin and its obligations in powder coatings, such as coating surfaces, cracking properties, and artificial aging.


For the polyester resin synthesized by the above formulation, the polyester resin is characterized by GPC gel chromatography, DSC differential scanning calorimeter, near-infrared and medium infrared to polyester resin, after testing, the number of molecular weights of 5519, weight average molecular weight Is 8425, the molecular weight distribution width is 1.53, and the molecular weight distribution width is moderate. The glass transition temperature was measured by DSC was 58.8 ° C, which had better storage stability. The prepared powder coating passes manually accelerated aging test, examining the loss of light, powdering, and decolorizing the coating, the powder coating prepared by the powder coating reaches the advantage of the powder coating.