Efficient recycling of powder coatings for future development

Update:20 Nov,2020

The main recovery methods of powder coating include filter element recovery and combination of large cyclones and small cyclones. By improving the recycling system, more effective and cleaner painting can be achieved.
1 Filter element detection and cleaning device. There is no uniform standard for when the powder recovery filter element should be scrapped. It is often the filter element itself that has been damaged and cracked before being replaced. As a result, the powder has blocked the subsequent ultimate filter material-filter cotton or filter frame; or see It was only when the powder spilled severely that I thought of replacing the filter element.
  Since the filter element relies on pores to trap powder and separate powder and air, there is a risk of pores being blocked. The blocked pores and decreased recovery efficiency cannot be observed and judged by the naked eye. Therefore, a device is designed to automatically clean the filter element and detect the permeability of the filter element. When a certain degree of clogging (such as 50% or high or low) is reached, it indicates that the recovery capacity is insufficient, and the filter element is scrapped. If the permeability of each filter element can be continuously and automatically detected online, such as the air flow rate, the management of the equipment will rise to a digital level, and the recovery effect can be represented by numbers.
  2 Frequency conversion recovery system For the recovery system, maintaining a stable air flow means a stable recovery effect. However, under the same recovery capacity, different workpieces and different powder adhesion efficiency, coupled with the guiding effect of some large workpieces and long workpieces, will also cause powder spillage. The frequency conversion fan can be selected to adjust the recovery air volume within a certain range, which not only meets the requirements of noise reduction, but also meets the requirements of recovery capacity.
Some production lines have limited design capacity, but sometimes there are too many production tasks. A faster chain speed can solve the production needs. However, if the recovery wind power is constant, it will cause serious powder spillage. The frequency conversion recovery fan can adapt to a certain increase in production capacity and ensure Recycling effect. The frequency conversion recovery system can increase or decrease the air volume according to the recovery effect, so that the powder coating production has a certain mobility. When the production volume is small or the powder spraying volume is small, the air volume of the fan can be reduced, which has a certain energy saving effect.
  3 The most basic clean powder booth technology should be clean and free of lint, impurities, and can form a good airtight space.
   More advanced powder booths should have no powder accumulation. The powder booth with bottom blowing device can transport the oversprayed powder in time to be used in the powder bucket, so that the amount of powder that needs to be turned for spraying is very small, and the powder can be used in time. Quality problems occurred and the amount of waste powder produced was greatly reduced. The higher-level cleaning powder room should have a hard and smooth wall that does not absorb too much powder and is easy to clean. Due to its conductivity, the powder will be absorbed to a considerable thickness in the metal powder room. Due to the high surface resistance of the plastic powder room, the powder is not easy to clean. The glass powder room is non-conductive and has low surface resistance. The powder will not adsorb too much and can be easily cleaned. The good transparency of the glass makes it easier for the operator to observe the spray gun status. Glass is also a non-combustible material, which can prevent fire hazards.