Detailed introduction to high temperature powder coatings

Update:26 Nov,2021

Water is used as a dispersion medium, but with air as a dispersion medium. It has a non-volatile attack, easy to organize, no solvent, which is small, the operator is small, the spray utilization is high, and the function is excellent. Following the global emphasis on environmental protection, the use of powder coatings is increasingly wide. my country's powder coating usage has exceeded 1 million tons.


High temperature powder coatings are attributed to special functional coatings, which are different from the received temperature, generally dividend 200 ° C, 300 ° C, 350 ° C, 400 ° C, 500 ° C, and above. Widely used in grillers, heating machines, heating pipes, silencers, ovens, vehicles, exhaust pipes, chimneys and more. Due to the advantages of high-temperature powder coatings in terms of environmental protection, safety, utilization, it will gradually replace the traditional high temperature paint.

In recent years, due to the trend of "paint improvement", the market demand of 500 ° C and above is increasing. In the use scenario of 500 ° C and above, the coating directly receives the burning of the open flame, the minimum requirements of the coating need to be discharged. This article comments this type of product. High-temperature powder coating formula composition powder coating its formulation composition to be as follows: resin and its curing agent, it is the bottom of the coating film formation; aid, to improve the appearance of the coating or aspects; pigments, impart concealment And color;filler, if it functions as a physical enhancement.


Commonly used polyester resin, epoxy resin, etc., when 350 ° C, the carbon oxygen bond will soon be broken, differentiated, and it is manifested on the coating. Silicone resin is a highly temperature powder coating body resin due to its high key energy by which is a silicone bond.