Decoration advantages of Wenzhou powder coatings

Update:10 Feb,2020

I don't know if you have heard of powder coating for decoration, it has many advantages, so many people now choose it as decoration material. So do you know the advantages of powder coating decoration? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

Do you know the advantages of powder coating decoration?

In the preparation of powder coatings, additives such as harmful film formation, dispersion, leveling, anticorrosion and mildew resistance are omitted. Therefore, the product does not contain toxic solvents and toxic volatile substances, so the coating is a non-toxic, non-fire and three waste-free product, which meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations.

Traditional coatings are liquids that contain both water and substances that are easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent the deterioration of liquid coatings, manufacturers will add some preservatives, which will cause harm to the human body. On the other hand, powder coatings are healthier products that do not require water, do not need to worry about bacterial contamination, do not need preservatives.

Friends who have decoration experience or have been to new buildings know that traditional paint will leave an unpleasant odor after use and will not disappear for long. But powder coatings are different, and despite some odor when used, it quickly disappears.