Composition of high temperature resistant powder coating

Update:19 Nov,2021

The formula of powder coatings is mainly as follows: resin and its curing agent, which is the basis of coating film formation; additives, used to improve the appearance or various functions of the coating; pigments, which give the coating hiding and color; fillers, first It has the effect of physical enhancement.

When the commonly used materials such as full polyester resin and epoxy resin are above 350°C, the carbon-oxygen bond will soon be broken and decomposed, and the coating will be powdered and peeled off.

Due to its silicone-oxygen bond as the main chain, silicone resins have higher oxidation stability due to their higher bond energy, and are the first choice for the main resin of high-temperature powder coatings. Pigments and fillers are the key to the function of high temperature resistant coatings. Fillers should be selected with high stability and can react with the siloxane functional groups of silicone resins. Therefore, silicate-based fillers are the first choice, such as mica powder and silica powder.

The other is silicate materials, which are mainly due to their phosphate radicals to react with metals, and then ensure the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

In terms of pigments, most conventional pigments can’t experience high temperatures above 500°C. Titanium dioxide can be used for white, and iron oxide black, iron manganese black, red, yellow, and blue can be used for black. Packaged products are recommended. The overall formula ensures that heavy metals are not contained. Will overspend.


According to the different powder coating materials that need to be destroyed, select the appropriate structure of the destruction rod and sieve plate, and install the destruction rod and sieve plate on the connecting block of the drive shaft and the spring separately, and check whether the circuit of the powder coating processing equipment is normal , Check whether the cylinder and motor are working normally;

Pour the powder coating material into the destruction box through the feed tube, connect the power cord on the cylinder and the motor to the external power supply, start the motor, and the motor drives the drive shaft to rotate, which in turn drives the connecting block and the destruction rod on the connecting block to rotate, Destroy the powder coating material in the destruction box. The destroyed powder coating material falls into the silo below the destruction box, and the cylinder is started. The cylinder drives the destruction box through the piston rod to move up and down on the guide rail to make the damaged powder coating material. The material passes through the destruction box and falls onto the sieve plate;

The cylinder and piston rod continue to push the destruction box down and contact the sieve plate to crush the unselected large-particle powder coating materials on the sieve plate, improve the destruction quality and destruction efficiency of the powder coating materials, and then improve the product quality of the coating;

The powder coating material selected by the sieve falls onto the deflector, flows into the discharge bin through the deflector, and is discharged from the bin;

After the powder coating material is destroyed and selected, the cylinder and motor are closed to remove the silo, destroy the powder coating material remaining in the box, and block the power supply.