Application and development trend of polyurethane powder coatings

Update:06 Nov,2020

According to a new research report released by the market research company MarketResearchFuture, China Powder Coatings Network shows that the global polyurethane coating market consumption is expected to reach 3.781 million tons by 2023, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.3% from 2016 to 2023. Value calculations will also grow significantly.

   The main driving factor of the polyurethane coatings market is the growth in demand from the automotive industry in the Asia-Pacific region, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition, the growing demand from the construction and aerospace industries will also drive the growth of the polyurethane coatings market.

   On the other hand, because polyurethane coatings are a product with flexibility, toughness and performance improvement functions, they are particularly suitable for protecting electronic circuits. At the same time, the product has excellent mechanical and dielectric properties, and can provide a strong coating with high wear resistance, while promoting the rapid growth of the polyurethane coating market.

   The global polyurethane coatings market is divided into technical fields, which can be divided into solvent type, water-based, spray type, powder type (solid, acrylic modified), etc. In these technical fields, polyurethane powder coating is a main development direction, because it can be applied to many fields.

Driven by the increasingly stricter environmental protection, the main factor for the rapid development of polyurethane powder coatings is that it contains almost no volatile organic chemicals (VOC) content, making it a better alternative to environmental protection in various fields of use. The choice of coatings, and thus drive the growth of the overall consumption of polyurethane coatings market.

   China Powder Coatings Network

   2. Application areas of polyurethane powder coatings

Polyurethane powder coating has excellent weather resistance, excellent physical and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The coating film is bright and plump, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, solvent-resistant, good leveling, and strong adhesion. It has gradually developed into the mainstream of powder coatings. , The proportion of powder coatings is increasing.

  Metal appliances and transportation equipment

The metal furniture coating industry is one of the first areas in which powder coatings enter. Hybrid powder coating systems are the main product type, while polyurethane powder coatings are generally mainly used in the field of outdoor furniture; the general metal surface coating industry is a large market for powder coatings. Account for 50% of the entire market share.

  The home appliance industry is also an important application field of powder coatings. In the United States, applications in household appliances account for 17% of the entire powder coatings market. In the United States, the application of polyurethane powder coatings in household equipment is more common due to the priority given to smooth finishing effects.

In Europe, many aluminum alloy materials on buildings are painted with polyurethane powder coatings. The advantage is that in the next 5-7 years, the gloss retention rate can reach 65%-85%, and the gloss retention rate will still reach 50% after 10 years. ~65%. After 10 years, the thickness of the coating film will only decrease by 2 to 3 μm.

   2. Development trend of polyurethane powder coatings

  Polyurethane powder coating not only has high decoration and excellent physical and mechanical properties, but also has comprehensive chemical resistance, especially not easy to yellow, weather resistance and light resistance. It takes into account the advantages of epoxy coatings and acrylic coatings. Compared with the pure polyester powder coating system cured by TGIC, it has the huge advantage of non-toxic and harmless.

   The vitality of polyurethane powder coatings is embodied in the superiority of product performance and economy. Compared with other powder coatings, it has better comprehensive performance, and has gradually been widely recognized by people, and its proportion has gradually increased.