Improved coating technology reduces environmental pollution

Update:13 Oct,2022
In recent years, the development of my country's powder coating industry has been in a leading position in the domestic and international markets, and electrostatic powder spraying is also a widely used spraying method in the industrial field. The main component of electrostatic powder is powder, with excellent performance. Inferior directly affects the quality of the spraying effect, and the tool for spraying electrostatic powder also needs to be a special spraying tool before it can exert its real meaning.
Powder coatings are dry materials, because electrostatic powder coatings do not use volatile solvents such as organic solvents and water, so the coatings are inorganic solvent-based coatings, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards caused by solvents, such as those caused by organic solvents. Operators of organic solvent poisoning incidents or fires caused by organic solvents, etc. Therefore, the pollution of thermosetting powder coatings does not affect the air. With the environmental protection laws and regulations on the content of organic volatiles in the atmosphere becoming more and more strict, the coating industry seeks various methods to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution.

The larger the volume of good electrostatic powder, the less filler in electrostatic powder, the higher the cost. The better the powder quality. The smaller the volume of poor electrostatic powder, the higher the filler in electrostatic powder, the lower the cost. The worse the quality of powder coating .Cartons with the same method of electrostatic powder distinction, look at the one with a large volume of powder, which is a good powder, and the one with a small volume, which is a poor powder.
The resin content of good electrostatic powder and normal powder coating should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan/KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan. Poor electrostatic powder, some bad powder factories use less than 45%. The resin content is shoddy, and the filler is added to reduce the cost and reduce the spraying area. The method of electrostatic powder difference method comparison: two same powder coatings spray the same product, see which one has more powder spraying products and which one has spraying products Less, less spray products are poor, and the use cost is high.