How to effectively avoid agglomeration in powder coatings

Update:17 Aug,2022
Powder coatings have a tendency to agglomerate at a certain temperature, which is mainly caused by the softening of materials such as resins and leveling agents in the coating when heated.

1. In the production of polyester resin, select some alcohols or acids that can increase its glass transition temperature, or reduce the amount of alcohol that can lower the glass transition temperature of resin to increase the glass transition temperature of polyester resin.
2. Reduce the amount of low glass transition temperature polymers used in powder coating formulation design, such as leveling agents and brighteners, to ensure that the glass transition temperature of the coating system will not decrease.
3. In terms of production, the broken pieces from the steel belt should be fully cooled before entering the grinding process. When grinding, the feeding speed should be appropriately reduced, the amount of induced air should be increased, and the imported air should be equipped with air-conditioning to control the grinding. temperature. However, if the pulverized flakes cannot be cooled down before grinding, the latter method will not play a very good role. The method of forced cooling of the pulverized flakes can be considered for low temperature treatment, which is more effective than installing air conditioners.

Powder coating additives, also known as powder additives, are mostly evolved from coating or plastic additives, and are mostly solid in form. Although the varieties of powder coating additives are much less than those in traditional liquid coatings, with the continuous development of coating technology, the varieties and functions of additives are also increasing.

Different types of coatings have different requirements for additives. An excellent variety of coating additives must meet the following conditions: small amount of addition and stable physical and chemical properties, no influence on coloring or other properties, easy to add and good dispersion, low toxicity or even non-toxicity, and reasonable price.

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