Home Appliance Powder Coatings

Update:24 Mar,2022
In recent years, low temperature curing powder coatings have begun to emerge in the market. It is estimated that, compared with curing at 180-200 ℃, powder coatings can save about 40% of electric energy when curing at 120 ℃, and the energy saving advantage is very obvious. Low temperature curing powder coating will be the inevitable trend of powder coating development in the future, and it is also the target of current scientific research.

The low temperature curing epoxy powder coating reduces the coating temperature of the powder coating so that it can be coated on the surface of heat-sensitive materials. The selection of synthetic resins, curing agents, pigments, fillers and auxiliaries was stopped, and the formula composition was selected by experiment. The formula of low temperature curing epoxy powder coating was confirmed, the process path was confirmed, and its performance was analyzed and tested. The results show that: low temperature curing epoxy powder coating, the curing temperature can be reduced to 110 ℃. It is possible to coat powder coating on the surface of heat-sensitive materials.

The household appliance powder coating series is specially developed to meet the various needs of various household appliance consumers. It can develop coatings with the required characteristics according to the detailed requirements of customers, such as durability, corrosion resistance, waterproof, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, Anti-graffiti, anti-bacterial, etc.

In addition to meeting customer requirements in terms of function, it can also allocate the required appearance effects, different colors, different gloss levels, etc., so that home appliances have an absorbing appearance.

Scope of application:
Refrigerators/Freezers: Coatings offer excellent scratch resistance, stain resistance, antibacterial, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. Maintain refrigerators from damage in complex kitchen environments.

Kitchenware: stoves, ovens, pots and other kitchenware require that their external coatings must be stable and durable. The high temperature resistant powder coating for household appliances has super stability and anti-yellowing ability, can withstand high temperatures above 450 ℃, and better protect kitchen utensils.

Laundry Equipment: Washing machines and other washing and drying equipment are exposed to a harsh environment that is hot, humid and corrosive for a long time.

Ventilation equipment: air conditioning, heating, ventilation equipment, etc. need to be used for many years, so the stability and durability of paint color are very important.