Briefly analyze the main factors affecting the quality of coatings

Update:17 Oct,2022
Electrostatic powder, which began to appear in the 1950s, melts at the spraying temperature and solidifies into a film when cooled. Due to the simple processing and spraying methods, the electrostatic powder only needs to be heated, melted, leveled, cooled or extracted to solidify into a film, and no complicated curing device is required. Most of the raw materials used are common polymers on the market, which can meet the performance requirements under most conditions. But there are also some deficiencies, such as high melting temperature, low coloring level, and poor adhesion to metal surfaces.
Nevertheless, commonly used thermoplastic powder coatings still show some unique properties, among which polyolefin electrostatic powder has excellent solvent resistance; polyvinylidene fluoride coating has outstanding weather resistance; polyamide has abrasion resistance; polyvinyl chloride Has a good price/performance ratio; thermoplastic polyester electrostatic powder has the advantages of beautiful appearance and high artistry. These properties give thermoplastics a large share of the coatings market.

In a nutshell, it is a new type of coating that replaces paint. The main component is resin. The performance of environmentally friendly powder coatings is not the same as the resin used. Whether the performance is good or not is the problem of resin and formula. It is mainly anti-corrosion. Compared with paint, it does not contain VOC, that is to say, it does not contain organic volatiles, such as formaldehyde, which are environmentally friendly products; the utilization rate is higher than that of paint, because it is powdery and can be recycled and reused Waste is avoided; the spraying environment is much better than that of paint, and the spraying process is very convenient; when sprayed on the metal surface, the coating can be thin or thick.
Mainly spraying on the surface of metal is more popular, and it can also be sprayed on medium density board, but only two are doing it in China now, helping IKEA to do processing, powder coating can also be sprayed on glass, but not in China, the surface spraying effect of powder coating depends on It is similar to the effect of paint. Professional knowledge can tell from a closer look. Powder coating can not make the color of paint is very bright, and the surface is excellent in leveling.