Application of powder coating on traffic guardrail

Update:30 Dec,2020

The application of powder coatings on traffic guardrails is becoming more and more extensive. With economic development driving traffic problems, guardrails are often seen on highways, railways, highways, etc. These guardrails are beaten by wind and rain for a long time, so a certain protective film is required , Powder coating is the most commonly used coating for protective fences.

1.1 Types of traffic barriers

Traffic guardrails are generally divided by purpose, including highway guardrails, railway guardrails, airport guardrails, port guardrails and urban road guardrails; according to the structure, there are isolation fences and wave beam anti-collision plates; according to the coating method, there are sprayed guardrails and Plastic dipping guardrail; according to the powder coating used, there are thermosetting powder guardrail and thermoplastic powder guardrail. Under normal circumstances, it is often classified by purpose.

2 Highway guardrail

Since the 1990s, my country’s highways have flourished from scratch. By 2015, my country’s highway mileage reached 4.56 million km, of which highway mileage reached 125,000 km. The highway has surpassed the United States and ranks in the world. the first. By 2020, my country will build approximately 30,000 km of highways.

The expressway has the characteristics of fully enclosed, high speed, time saving, fewer traffic accidents, and low transportation costs. However, due to the high speed, it is necessary to be isolated on both sides of the road to avoid interference by people, animals and other vehicles. The two sides are closed, usually with isolation fences, and collision guardrails should be used on both sides of the up and down roads inside the expressway. In addition, an anti-corona plate must be installed in the middle of the road. Almost all of the isolation barriers currently used are coated with thermoplastic powder dipping, while most of the anti-collision corrugated plates are coated with thermosetting powder, and some corrugated beams are coated with other powder coatings.
3 Railway guardrail

Most railway guardrails use steel wire welded and framed isolation fences. In order to increase firmness and safety, but also for more beautiful appearance, some local railway bureaus have designed special-shaped ribs made of flat steel, and rectangular steel pipes welded into a fence similar to iron art. , Railroad guardrails are mostly dipped in dark green thermoplastic powder. The columns are formed by centrifugal casting with reinforced concrete columns, which are extremely strong, and square tubes are also used as columns.

4 Aviation airport and river port guardrail

The airport was the first to adopt plastic isolation barriers for enclosed protection. There are more than 200 civil airports in my country, and military airports are also enclosed by isolation fences and blade nets. The airport is the airport gateway of all regions, and the Yingbin Avenue leading to the airport is often enclosed with plastic barriers. Ports, especially coastal ports, have better corrosion resistance due to salt spray erosion.
5 City road guardrail

In the past, urban road guardrails had simple shapes and poor anti-corrosion performance. With the development of powder coating coating, plastic-dipping barriers have been widely used, especially in large and medium-sized cities. At present, in addition to stainless steel barriers, most of them use plastic-dipping barriers.